Arborcoat® Protective Exterior Waterborne Coat - Clear K636


A premium quality 100% acrylic finish coat for Benjamin Moore® Arborcoat® waterborne exterior stain systems.

Use as a protective coating over (K637) Transparent and (K638) Semi-Transparent Stains on decks or other surfaces where enhanced abrasion resistance and additional protection is desired. Can also be used over (K639) Arborcoat® waterborne semi solid stain when a low lustre finish is preferred.


  • A clear protective coating for Arborcoat® Transparent (K637) and Semi-Transparent (K638) stains on deck surfaces
  • Functions as an annual refresher coat for Arborcoat®Transparent (K637) and Semi-Transparent (K638) stains, reviving that newly stained look
  • Provides mildew resistant coating
  • Formulated to penetrate, protect, and beautify wooden decking and furniture
  • A water repellent coating
  • Scuff resistant
  • Dual UV protection for Deck systems
  • Low lustre finish, can also be used over Arborcoat®Semi-Solid (K639)

Recommended For

Residential or commercial applications where a premium quality finish is desired. For exterior use on wood decking, and furniture.


  • Do not apply when air and surface temperatures are below 4.4 °C (40 °F).
  • High humidity will extend dry and cure times.
  • Use only as a topcoat for Arborcoat® transparent, semi transparent, or semi solid stains.

Additional Product Information

Additional product information including sell sheet and SDS / TDS

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